Pretty in Pink

Do you remember the 80’s movie “Pretty in Pink”? Of course you do! It’s one of my favorite 80’s movies! The yearn for young love, the handsome rich kid who has a heart of gold, the best friend that falls in love with the girl…..ahh….it’s great! Remember how Molly Ringwald’s character was so independent, always stood tall, and was happy with who she was, didn’t care what others thought. This is what led her character in the movie to take her mother’s vintage prom dress, and convert it into her personal 80’s design. So, I thought, what if today, I was 18 again, and about to head to my prom, and my father gave me my mother’s vintage dress to wear to my prom? What would I come up with? Well, while doing some searching I came across a boutique which re-works vintage designs into a more modern appeal, but still manages to keep that romance, whimsical, vintage look to their designs. I am in love with this store! Maybe I should renew my wedding vows with my husband so I can wear this dress! It’s my dream come true in dress form, HAHA! Definitely check out this shop. The designer’s work is like walking into a fairy tale to say the least! Visit the shop at: Vintageopulence


What do you think?

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