Live, Love, Bathe

Why is it that it feels like you lose about 10 pounds after a shower or a bath? Especially in this hot summer, baths and showers are like going to Disney World for a kid! As good as baths are on their own, you came them even better with these amazing finds at LUSH. LUSH is a bath&body store specializing in vegan and natural ingredients. All their products are 100% chemical free, completely and 100% natural. Their store is unlike anything else, which makes it quite addicting. Above are some of our favorite products….from vegan face masks, bath bombs, bath melts, and shower gellies! Click below to be taken directly to the products for purchase. Enjoy!

Karma Bath Melt: $6.95       “Sex Bomb” Bath Bomb: $6.45        Cherry Coconut Skin Softening Jelly: $5.95 – $10.95

Cosmetic Warrior Mask: $6.95


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